These are posters

by seniors to advertise their thesis show.

These are books

by juniors to showcase their artist books.


This site is a virtual show.

This virtual show is the book/poster show: a joint show between the juniors and seniors of the visual arts program at Princeton University. The juniors display their artist books and the seniors their thesis posters. Once in Lucas Gallery of 185 Nassau, the show now lives on this site.

This site was designed by Victor Guan and Kevin Feng, and built by Eric Li. The typeface is Monti Sans, by Eric Li.

Manasseh Alexander
William Carpenter
Ilene E
Kevin Feng
Benji Freeman
Sam Grayson
Victor Guan
Ze-Xin Koh
Rachel Mrkaich
Alejandro Roig
Luke Timm
Sophie Torres
Adia Weaver
Ayame Whitfield

Oluwatobiloba Ajayi
Jessica Brice
Attila Delingat
Ameena Faruki
Dylan Fox
Isabella Hilditch
Samantha Lee
Monique Legaspi
Megan Pai
Eloise Schrier
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